Application for Exhibiting artists


1. Application and Contents

2. Jury and Selection Process 

3. Expenses, Accommodation, Travel and Transport Costs, Fee, 

4. Installation, Deinstallation, Logistics

5. Availability of Materials 

6. Insurance 

7. Active Participation 

8. Publication

Application And Contents
  • Anyone can apply; both solo artists and groups are welcome
  • Applications in the following categories are welcome: painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, sculpture, graffiti and street art, installations, multi-media, performative art.
  • A maximum of five pieces of work or conceptual sketches can be submitted per application. If this number is exceeded the application will be rejected.
  • The application must be thematically relevant to this year’s festival (2021 Theme: Ohne Gewähr – No Guarantees).
  • Each piece of work should be represented in an individual PDF document, with up to three images, a short description and any relevant technical instructions. (You can find a template application here)
  • Video cannot be uploaded via the application form.
  • As such, any video works must first be independently uploaded to a video platform, so that a link to these can be included in the application. (You can find a template application including video work here).
  • The submitted PDF documents must not contain any names of artists or groups to ensure that the selection process take place anonymously.
Jury And Selection Process
  • All applications received by the closing date will be anonymised.
  • An external jury will decide on this year’s exhibiting artists.
  • Selections for this year’s exhibition will take place over the course of a jury weekend from the 5th until the 7th of March 2021.
  • Artists selected for this year’s exhibition will be informed via email by the end of March.
Accommodation, Expenses For Travel and Transport, Fee For Exhibiting Artists
  • The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2021 team endeavour to reimburse the travel and transport costs of all exhibiting artists within the festival budget.
  • The travel and transport costs must be discussed with/agreed upon by the festival organisers in advance.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee hotel accommodation for the duration of the festival. The team will, however, assist exhibiting artists in finding accommodation at no extra cost.
  • Exhibiting artists will receive a fee of no less than 100 €. 
Installation, Deinstallation And Logistics
  • Installation will take place between the 7th and the 21st of May 2021.
  • Deinstallation is expected to take place between the 2nd and 3rd of June 2021.
  • Artists are responsible for the installation, execution and deinstallation of their own works/projects.
  • The team are happy to assist in the installation and deinstallation of work and the preparation of the exhibition spaces if required. 
  • The artist is responsible for the transport of their own artworks to and from the exhibition and is to be discussed with and organised by the festival team.
  • The transport of artworks take place at the artist’s own risk.
  • Artists are responsible for the appropriate packaging and transport of their artwork.
Availability Of Material And Tools
  • Materials required for installation such as screws, dowels and nails and technical equipment such as projectors or speakers can be provided upon prior agreement with the festival organisers.
  • The list of required materials submitted with the application is not binding but should be as precise as possible.
Insurance And Contractual Agreements
  • The festival is scheduled to take place in Görlitz between the 21st and 30th of May 2021.
  • Opening times will be set, during which the exhibition will be open to the public. Visitors will only be able to visit the exhibition during these times. 
  • The programme of accompanying events will take in a separate space.
  • Please be aware that the exhibition space may be in listed building, which in turn may restrict the installation process.
  • Following hanging/installation the works will be contractually insured.
Active Participation
  • We invite all exhibiting artists to actively participate in the shaping of ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN.
  • We welcome participation in the festival, such as leading a workshop, holding presentations, curating art-talks and working in an open studio.
  • The team will gladly support artists in these endeavours.

By applying to exhibit, artists agree to the use of images, representations, videos and text submitted on application to be used by the organisers for promotional purposes. Should artists not agree to such use, we kindly ask that they personally get in touch.

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