the FESTIVAL 2022

8. July - 17. July

Vernissage 8 July 6 pm
Jakobstraße 2/3




The world is defined by the existence of various borders, their formation and collapse. In contact with mental, physical and territorial barriers arise misunderstandings and uncertainties, which can be overcome through intimacy and communication.
 – W KONTAKCIE – IN TOUCH deals with the Us, the Other and the loud silence in between. The modern guiding principle of total networking conflicts with the need for real connection. What does it mean to be close to each other? What keeps us from being in touch? Where do bridges need to be built, where do walls need to be broken down? How does it feel when contact breaks off?

We stay in touch.


In 2022, we are exclusively looking for artists in residence. During a two- to four-week stay in Görlitz, they can explore the theme and the two cities along the Neisse to realise their ideas.

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In this sense, I would understand the theme as an attempt to get a possible, new, utopian future or normality from the artists’ drafts. Or proposals, analyses, how we could survive productively in a situation of levitation without meaning like the present one.

Hector Solari, Member of the Jury

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Ohne die Beteiligung aller Teammitglieder, ihren Ideen, ihrem Wissen, ihren Werkzeugen und Wortspielen, ihrem Wird-Schon-Optimismus und ihrer Hauptsache-Es-Knallt-Attitüde, insbesondere ihrer unglaublich vehement investierten Freizeit, wäre das dreiwöchige Festival in seiner Bandbreite und Tiefe nicht möglich.


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In addition to the permanent exhibition, we have again created a diverse accompanying program. With lectures, workshops, concerts and raves we fill the location with life and let the night become day.

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Dieses Jahr zieht es uns nach Weinhübel, nah an den Berzi, nah zu unseren Freunden ans Kühlhaus.  Es gibt jede Menge Platz, ein riesiges Außengelände und, vor allem, keine Nachbarn. 

Hier gehts zum Gebäude.


You can buy tickets for the exhibition and the program on venue or in our online store.