Residence artists 2022

Greta Magyar


Greta Magyar spent her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, among others. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel in 2018. Since then, she has been represented at various exhibitions in Germany and abroad and has already been able to take up several residencies in China, Poland and Austria, among other places.Greta Magyar works in the fields of printmaking, drawing, collage and painting. Her work reveals the processuality of the past, progress and movement and visualises its own temporality. She poses the question: “What happens when we lose touch with the inner processes and try to adapt to the high-performance, fast processes of the industrial world? Together, this new temporality is to be made tangible.

Rainer Maria Matysik


Reiner Maria Matysik works in manifold ways with concepts for organisms and future living entities. Essential parts of Matysik’s artistic process include producing of prototype models with the following conceptualization and textual interpretation. Together they form a new system of landscapes and post-evolutionary life forms. Through the specific adoption of object, installation and video he developed a dynamic scenario of future landscapes and organisms. In this way he creates an area of conflict between promise and failure in a potential future. Both the visual implementation and their linguistic form can be recognised here as the essential artistic strategies which hes uses as his own interface between the worlds of scientific research and pseudo-scientific fiction.

Patrycja Masłowska

I work on the intersection of performance, speculative storytelling and somatics. During the residency I’m going to dive into the research inspired by the ex-centric concept of worlding and tender co-existence proposed by Olga Tokarczuk, Polish writer and activist. Aiming to bring the concept and theory into the practice I want to create a participatory and interactive platform for curiosity and experiments with repatterning and weaving new forms of connections.

Jolanta & Alexandra

Our project finds itself at the border of art and activism. We work towards building connections and keeping in touch with allies to support already existing networks of care. During our residency, we plan go deeper in our research, conduct interviews and performances.

Oscar Lebeck

Oscar Lebeck studied at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts and at the Glasgow School of Art. For the Future Visions Festival, he is working on the structural relics of Nazi camp sites in the German-Polish border region. The planned projection pursues the idea of emphasising the remaining structures of the Groß-Rosen camp and making them perceptible. He approaches this project in two ways – photographically and textually. Lebeck lives and works in Leipzig.

Maria Oblicka


Maria Oblicka is an interdisciplinary artist. She holds an MA in Sculpture & Spatial Arts and BA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She works mainly with installation consisting of elements like video, sound or sculpture. She lives and works between Spain and Poland. During her residency in Zukunftvisionen 2022 she plans to work on an ongoing research centred around underwater sound recordings. Her aim is to create a sonic bridge in between species and introduce subjects of “sound democracy” and empathy, while reflecting on the nature of “having a voice” and the capacity to hear.

Julia Huber


I work with plant growth / create a naturally grown material. I want to create a place where you can experience regional natural materials up close and experience them aesthetically. In contact arises the appreciation for what is available, which is otherwise hardly noticed.

Karen Modrei


I am an artist focussing on the medium of textiles, their processes and tools. More than any other material, I find textiles to be inherently linked to ‘contact’ and ‘touch’; not only for the individual body which it will accompany through a lifetime, but as well in the form of collective practices and cultural heritage. I believe in the language of textile to bring a valuable and softening voice to a world that itself is getting more and more hardened by every set of news coming in. During my time at Zukunftsvisionen 2022, I am looking forward to discussing and materializing possible ways of stepping into contact with each other, crossing borders of language and identity.