ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN – Festival for Contemporary Arts 2023



A festival of this size can only be realised together. This year, the programme will be the title!

We are looking forward to every helping hand and all ideas and tips for an unforgettable festival.


A lot has to happen before the festival starts on 9 June 2023. For the organisation and realisation we are looking for comrades-in-arms for our voluntary team. We work in different groups on the project. Whether it’s exhibition organisation, programme planning, logistics, financing, art education or public relations, we rely on team spirit. ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN is the ideal project to try out innovative formats and to get to know the field of art and event management in a qualitative way.


If you are interested, just get in touch here:


In order to be able to present a diverse and exciting exhibition in 2023, we are dependent on artists and their applications. Do you have any questions about the application process, this year’s exhibition theme or anything else concerning the exhibition?

Then please contact:


What is a festival without music, dance and a programme?
Do you have event ideas for us, play in a band yourself or have other exciting talents that fit our theme “Together Forever”?

Then write to our programme team: