Open call

The deadline for applications was February 20, 2023.
No further applications will be accepted.

The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival for Contemporary Arts is calling for artworks. These should refer to this year’s festival theme, “Together Forever”. The work will be presented during the festival from 9 to 18 June 2023. Please use the application web form below to apply. The deadline for applications is 20 February 2023. We are looking forward to reaching diverse positions and concepts!

the festival

The 17th edition of the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival for Contemporary Arts will take place from 9 to 18 June 2023 under the motto “Together Forever”. It is organized by a German-Polish team and takes place annually in a vacant building in Görlitz to open up potential for art and culture. The festival invites to concerts, workshops, an exhibition and various other events in German and Polish.

the theme

We are together. 

We are neighbours. We are German. We are Polish. We are European. We are taking care of each other. We are different. We are just the same. We don’t know each other. We are reaching out. We are setting borders. We are building bridges. We are not interested. We are curious. We are in touch. We are separated. We are united. 

We are together. Forever!


We go across a bridge and arrive in another country. Crossing borders is part of our everyday life. We invite artists to follow us into the maze of relationships between two cities in the centre of Europe. The German Görlitz and the Polish Zgorzelec form one city, located at the border river Neiße. They are emblematic of the interweaving of geopolitics, the challenge of language and the romanticism that emanates from border regions.

We offer space for an artistic exploration of this special affair and related themes. We are looking for interpretations. We are looking for translations. We are looking for new bridges.

table of contents

1. Application, Deadline and Anonymity

2. Jury and selection procedure

3. Expense allowance, travel and production costs

4. Period of the exhibition

5. Insurance and Contracts

6. Art Mediation

7. Application form and application deadline

1. Application, Deadline and Anonymity

Anyone can apply, both individual artists and groups of artists. Applications are welcome from all disciplines. The proposed work must relate to the festival theme “Together Forever”. The application must be submitted via the online form below, containing all necessary information about the applicant. The deadline for applications is 20 February 2023, 12 pm. Only applications received by this deadline will be considered.


Attached to the application form must be one PDF file showing an existing artistic work or an elaborated concept for a work to be produced, proposed for the festival. It  must include information about technical resources, materials, and requirements for the exhibition space (tech rider). The material list is submitted with the application and should be as precise as possible.


Information about the artist must NOT be included in the PDF file. This is to ensure a fair and anonymous application process. Applications that are not anonymous will be excluded. The anonymous PDF will be handed to our jury.


2. Jury and selection procedure

The artworks to be presented in the frame of the festival will be selected by an external jury, and the list of selected artists will be announced not later than the end of March.

3. Expense allowance, travel and production costs

ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2023 provides 200 € expense allowance to each selected artist / collective.
ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2023 can cover up to 200 € production and the artwork set up costs.
Travel costs to and from the festival might be reimbursed. Please consult the festival team.


4. Period of the exhibition

The selected works will be presented during the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2023. The festival team will be in constant touch with the selected artists to update the needed material list, organize the exhibition set-up and gather information and material for PR purposes.


Should there be pandemic-related restrictions, so that the festival cannot take place during the planned period, the festival team is free to postpone or cancel the festival. However, this will be done in close consultation with the artists.


5. Insurance and Contracts

The exhibition takes place in vacant buildings, meaning that the walls of the exhibition spaces may be porous, uneven, slightly damp, or such. In addition, the building may be a protected monument. This must be taken into account in the application.


The exhibition rooms are not open to the public outside the opening hours of the festival.

During the opening hours of the festival, the artworks will be guarded by the festival team.


With the hanging or installation, the works are insured against theft and protected from damage. The insurance details are included in the exhibition contract. 


The exhibition contract will be sent to the artists in advance. The contract must be signed before the setting up. 


This year’s festival building has not yet been determined. The selected artists will be informed as soon as possible, as soon as the exhibition spaces are fixed. 


Owners of the created works are the respective artists. The return transport can be subsidized in consultation with the festival team.


6. Art Mediation

At ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN 2023 there will be an art mediation residency program. The selected artist will be contacted by art mediators with the request to participate in the mediation program.


7. Application form and application deadline

Applications must be submitted using the webform only:

The deadline for applications is February 20, 2023, 12 pm.


If you have any questions or issues to be consulted, the Festival Team can be reached at:


We are excited for your application and looking forward to getting to know your artistic approach! 


For more information, see: