the FESTIVAL 2023

9. June - 18. June

toegether forever

We are together. 

We are neighbours. We are German. We are Polish. We are European. We are taking care of each other. We are different. We are just the same. We don’t know each other. We are reaching out. We are setting borders. We are building bridges. We are not interested. We are curious. We are in touch. We are separated. We are united. 

We are together. Forever!


In 2023 we are somehow producing our own sequel of last years festival. After the 2022 theme “in touch” we now want to focus on and live up this special connection between Görlitz and Zgorzelec. We are together! And we will ever ever be. So where to go from this point on?


In addition to the permanent exhibition, we have again created a diverse accompanying program. With lectures, workshops, concerts and raves we fill the location with life and let the night become day.